For less than the price of a high street coffee, the SymbolSend app will open up lines of communication, instil confidence, and bring all the joy that comes with having better conversations.

The Symbols

We have access to a huge range of
symbols, which means there is a symbol for
most things. But if you need something
different, just get in touch and we’ll happily
find one for what you need. 

Create your own

We want SymbolSend to make your world a better place, and if that means finding extra symbols, then that’s what we’ll do. If what you need isn’t available, the app allows you to upload your own images, so you can make a collection of symbols that’s tailored to exactly what you need.


What a clever idea for an app. Fantastic that it can help children and adults with Special Educational Needs and disabilities communicate with their friends and family using symbols in text messages.

Georgina Durrant

SEN Resources Blog

Using SymbolSend helped me find a way to communicate with my son easily. One thing I really like is that you can choose to be a visual or text user. The app translates the text to visual for you, and allows each individual to get the information in the format that best suits them.

Jade Page

Fantastic app! Being a mum of 4 special needs children this is EXCACTLY what I need! Well done!!

Tinkz 89

Google Play Store review - 5 star rating

Wonderful app that allows pics to be used to send messages

Jen Rich

Google Play Store review - 5 star rating

You Can Make
A Difference

Make the change possible
to ensure everyone has the
ability to communicate