The story behind SymbolSend is a very personal one for founder Richard, and is the reason he’s constantly looking at ways to hone and perfect the service, to make it ever-more user friendly.

My son, who has nonverbal autism, was the
inspiration behind SymbolSend. One day I
started receiving messages from him on my
mobile phone – they were made up of random
letters, numbers and grammatical symbols. 

He was trying to communicate with me.

This delighted but also really upset me – I
wanted desperately for him to be able to
express what he wanted to say. But I looked
into it and there simply wasn’t a platform to
help him – or anyone else in his position –
which is why I created SymbolSend.

I collaborated with teachers, families and teams of industry professionals to bring the idea to life, refine it and make it as user-friendly as possible – for children and adults alike.


What a clever idea for an app. Fantastic that it can help children and adults with Special Educational Needs and disabilities communicate with their friends and family using symbols in text messages.

Georgina Durrant

SEN Resources Blog

Using SymbolSend helped me find a way to communicate with my son easily. One thing I really like is that you can choose to be a visual or text user. The app translates the text to visual for you, and allows each individual to get the information in the format that best suits them.

Jade Page

Fantastic app! Being a mum of 4 special needs children this is EXCACTLY what I need! Well done!!

Tinkz 89

Google Play Store review - 5 star rating

Wonderful app that allows pics to be used to send messages

Jen Rich

Google Play Store review - 5 star rating